Saturday, November 21, 2009

Here We Are at Conference!!!

Wow! The amount of great ideas at conferences never cease to amaze me. But this year Mrs. Hestbeck and I are going to do our best to present our best ideas from home.

Ontario is frankly a shock compared to home. The conference center is lovely but the rest of the world is almost science fiction. There is concrete and highways everywhere you look.

We're managing, though, and learning a lot in a hurry. It is hard to take notes fast enough in some of these workshops. I hope that we manage to make someone glad that they attended our own presentation.

Great to see good friends, love hanging out with Annie in a spot other than our home library, but more than anything this place makes me appreciate more than ever what fantastic students and teachers we get to work with back home.

Homesick after just one night? Maybe a little.....

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