Friday, March 13, 2009

Madelyn Helling to Visit the NU Library Today

Looking forward to seeing Madelyn at work today and hope everyone on campus swings by to say hello. I realized as I was trying to sleep that I should have popped this info into the paper but at least we have the bulletin on the intercom now. I've been a loud-mouth at the desk about it, too. (On a side note, that intercom sure is something. It's a great start to the day. I think I even saw someone accessing the webpage the other day....)

Madelyn and I have known each other for at least ten years, closer to eleven since I hadn't had my son Daniel, yet. Our first meeting had to do with a book and we haven't stopped talking since. She is one of the most interesting people I have ever met and enjoy our conversations to the point that I sometimes find myself taking notes. I'm trying to think of words to describe how she analyzes situations and describes them exactly with no effort. Madelyn is political, active, and obviously well-read. But she is also deeply compassionate, especially for the underdog. But one of my favorite things about Madelyn is what could only be called her wicked sense of humor. Madelyn knows how to laugh, this much is certain.

Madelyn is the one that taught me as I first took this position that there is very little difference between what adults and "young" adults will read and am I ever glad that we had that discussion. Our kids have a much broader range of literature than I did in high school, and it gets checked out. Authors like Patterson, Brown and Grisham are popular and with good reason--they're interesting reads. We also see a lot of Jane Green heading out the door. Yes, chick-lit, but smart chick-lit and it's hard to argue with that when there's so much that's not smart out there.

Madelyn has been deeply involved with the Railroad Museum since its inception, is a current member of the board of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce, and is still very active with the Friends of the Library, whose sale I frequent on the first Saturday of every month. She is an active member of the Sons of Norway and the League of Women Voters. I can honestly say that Madelyn presents the exact picture of how I would like to conduct my own life after I retire--with a whole lot of people and activity surrounding me. Maybe I'll even manage to come up with fraction of her class. It's good to have goals.

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