Thursday, August 6, 2009

Back to School is So Painless in the library...

We are busy getting the library ready for your arrival and hope we get to see you in the first week or two of school. We'll keep the reasons simple:

1. New Books (obviously)
2. A renewed spirit on the part of the library personnel (we were busy finding great new counter toys for you all summer!)
3. You need to get your photo on the counter every year
4. You need to be in possession of both of our t-shirts to be fully up-to-date.
5. We have new contests that you should enter, winning books and more

That might be it for now, but it's certainly not ALL of the reasons why you should visit. Visit because lunchtimes are so relaxed but also full of swell people and because we furnish strange music for no reason at all. Visit because Mrs. Hestbeck and I actually would really like to see you and hear about your summer adventures! Come in to see us soon!

Ms. Sonnenberg

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